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What's causing your hair loss?

Hair loss can be reversed if it’s caused by factors like stress and medication, so if you think this applies to your hair loss then seek medical advice as you could potentially restore your hair.

Hair replacement Durham

Male pattern baldness

There are a number reasons for male hair loss but the most common cause is male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia.) Male pattern baldness  usually starts with gradual hair thinning of the crown, frontal and temporal areas. There is usually a family history of baldness and you are otherwise healthy. It usually shows up in a telltale shape: a receding hairline with thinning strands around the crown.  In time that area will go bald, but generally there will be a horseshoe pattern of hair above the ears circling to the back of the head. 

New U Hair Replacement Durham

New U Hair Replacement Durham

Male pattern baldness is believed to be due to a combination of genetics and hormones and unfortunately this cannot be reversed. The good news is with new technology there a number of solutions now available for mens hair replacement such as surgical and non surgical hair replacement. At New U Hair Replacement Durham we can provide treatment for hair loss, we specialise in a non surgical hair replacement system which is less invasive, cheaper and risk free compared to a surgical treatment.  

Hair loss advice for women

Get A Thyroid Test

Hair loss treatment durham-Thyroid test for hair loss

Hyper & Hypo- thyroidism can cause hair loss

Increase Iron & Protein Intake

Hair loss treatment durham-Leafy greens improve hair health

Eating protein, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc can help support healthy hair. Anemia can cause hair loss so increase your iron in take by eating more leafy greens and lean red meat

Massage Your Scalp

Head scalp massage to help hairloss

Massaging your head can boost the blood flow to the scalp 

Manage Your Stress

Hair loss treatment durham-Try yoga to decrease stress for healthier hair

By decreasing your stress you can have a direct impact on the health of your hair.

Try yoga, meditation and exercise.

Turn The Heat Down

Hair loss treatment durham-turn the heat down on your hairdryer

Try using your hair dryer and other styling devices on the lowest temperature setting or leave your hair to air-dry when possible

Cut Out Smoking & Drinking

Hair loss treatment durham-Stop smoking & drinking for healthier hair

Smoking can cause hair loss around the temples and excessive drinking can cause hair loss on the side of the head