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Hair extensions Darlington


Are you looking for hair extensions in Darlington?  New U Hair are just a short car journey from Darlington, we are highly skilled fitters of Racoon International hair extensions , Racoon are the UK's hair extensions market leader and is regarded as one of the best hair extension systems in the world. We operate from a private salon and have over 10 years experience in the hair extension industry.

Hair Extensions Are So Versatile

Hair Extensions Darlington

 Hair extensions are an excellent way to give instant length, volume and colour to your hair. Your hair extensions will be customised to match the colour and texture of your own hair at your free hair extension consultation. Your hair extensions will be custom ordered for the length you desire and the method of application that will be best suited for you. It is not possible for us to stock the infinite number of options that are available so once we find your perfect match we will order your hair extensions and arrange a fitting appointment.

100% Real Human Hair

real human hair extensions Darlington

We take pride in providing the best quality hair extensions in Darlington and the North East, the key to great hair extensions is quality, our hair is all ethically sourced and we only ever use 100% real human hair as we believe this gives the most natural and undetectable results. With over thirty years of experience in all aspects of hairdressing you're in capable hands with us at New U Hair.  Unlike hair salons in Darlington we only fit hair extensions and hair replacement systems therefore you can trust that we are experts at what we do.  

Hair Extensions For Hair Loss

Hair Extensions for hair loss darlington

We currently offer our hair extensions in 3 different methods; Bonded hair extensions, Ultra Links and Mini Tape Wefts. Each method has its own advantages and is suited to different hair types and lengths. Hair extensions are an excellent form of hair loss concealer for women who have noticed their hair thinning or some mild hair loss due to pregnancy or menopause. For more severe hair loss such as alopecia or chemotherapy induced hair loss our integration hair replacement or full coverage bonded hair replacement would be more suitable.

Hair Extensions For Weddings & Proms

Hair extensions for weddings and proms Darlington

New U Hair also offer hair extensions for brides, bridesmaids, proms and special occasions in Darlington, be sure to book your appointment in advance to avoid any disappointment. The cost of our hair extensions  depends on many factors including, the length you want, colour, brand, type and quantity of hair. If you are looking for hair extension fitting in Darlington contact us today to book your free hair extension consultation. Our salon is just a short car journey from Darlington.

Add Length

Hair extensions for length New U Hair Darlington

Hair extensions to increase the length of your hair.

Add Colour

Hair extensions for colour Darlington

 Give your hair a break from colouring, add hair extensions for a highlighted or lowlight effect.

Add Volume

Hair extensions for volume Darlington

Thicken up fine and lifeless hair with hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Darlington

Bonded Hair Extensions

Bonded hair extensions Darlington

This method allows you to add colour without exposing your natural hair to hair dye chemicals as the multi award winning system is scientifically proven not to damage hair. 

They are applied over three to four hours and can last up to three to four months and with regular maintenance the hair can be reused if looked after correctly. 

The bonding material contains all natural products, such as pine kernel and orange peel extracts, is translucent and about the size of a grain of rice. As it takes on the colour of your own hair, the hair extension bonds are virtually invisible. 

Ultra Links Hair Extensions

Ultra links hair extensions Darlington

Our luxurious Russian hair is now available in Ultra Links, these are extremely discrete and flat hair extensions. They are attached to your own hair using the smallest yet extra strong connections. The hair is re-usable if it is looked after correctly. 

The Ultra Link system is also available in Indian Temple Hair. Both Indian Temple and Russian hair are available in 16" or 20" lengths. 

The added benefit of choosing Ultra Links is that they have a quicker application time and removal time compared to bonded hair extensions. 

Mini Tape Weft Hair Extensions

Mini tape weft hair extensions Darlington

A weft of hair is applied to the hair in rows, rather than as individual strands, the wefts are applied using the tape-in method. These are very discrete and they come in up to 18" length but can be cut to any length.

It is the fastest method of application, they take approx 1 hour to apply,  no heat or tools are required for the application. The  panels lay flat on the head, virtually undetectable and suitable for thin, fine hair. 

Mini Tape Wefts are easy to apply and easy to maintain. Great to thicken up fine hair but not suitable for short hair, our bonded in extensions are best when hair is short. 

Human hair extensions in Darlington New U Hair

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